Greentree in a nutshell:

Our company provides a range of professional services and investment products in the energy sector. We also manage a variety of oil and gas related assets on behalf of our partners. This portfolio includes producing oil/gas wells and valuable lease acreage as well as numerous commercial saltwater disposal (SWD) facilities in South Texas.

Our philosophy

We believe we are an extension of your family which is the reason for our logo. The roots symbolize our partners who are spread out across the earth. They provide capital or nutrients for our growth. Our branches are our projects and partnerships which continue to grow every day. Our trunk is our management team, standing firmly in place providing the structural support necessary for continued success.

What we do

  • Commercial salt/frac-water disposal facilities
  • O/G Asset acquisition & divestiture services
  • Lease checks and acquisitions
  • Property evaluations and due diligence
  • Mineral research & reporting
  • Run sheets and title work
  • Lease and mineral management
  • Exploration and production services
  • Project management & consulting